The Useful Space

Mar 31, 2022

All that science I don’t understand,
it’s just my job five days a week.
(Rocket Man, Elton John)

This quote introduced the round table on “The Useful Space“, where our CEO Dr Emilio Simeone took part in a dialogue with Sabino Titomanlio, Head of Presales and Service Management at Open Fiber and Marzia Migliorelli, SITAEL Sales Director. 

The song was written in 1972. Everyday life and routine invading sidereal space. If Earth has always been our “comfort zone”, soon space will be too

What is certain today is that with Flyby’s space applications, we can achieve the right awareness for the optimal decision-making process.  

Through innovation, research and development, we can use space in an increasingly conscious and useful way for us on Earth.  

In the interview promoted by the Italian Digital Platform, they talk about this New Space Economy, where space is also exploring very different areas with services and applications, climate exploration, communications, precision agriculture, transport and telemedicine. 

 You can also watch the interview in the “Innovation journay” section on the Digital Rebirth platform: 

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