Flyby proudly hosts a delightful and memorable employee dinner celebration

Oct 18, 2023

Flyby recently arranged a heartwarming and unforgettable dinner event for all its employees in Italy. This gathering brought together not only the dedicated workforce but also key figures from Flyby’s subsidiary companies, namely FlySight, i-EM, siHealth and siHealth Photonics with all the members of the BoD, including Giulliano Sollima, who traveled from Milano, accompanied by Flyby’s consultant Marco Bugo. The event took a global twist also with the attendance of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Marco Morelli from siHealth, who flew directly from Oxford, UK to be a part of the Flyby’s event.

The evening was a celebration and a stage for two exciting announcements. First and foremost, the event marked the appointment of the two new CEOs, each poised to lead FlySight and i-EM to new heights. Andrea Masini has taken the helm at FlySight, while Ciro Lanzetta is the new CEO of i-EM.

A highlight of the evening was the surprise gift that the President of Flyby Group, Dr. Emilio Simeone, bestowed upon every employee. Each one received a copy of “Abraham et les trois anges” a masterpiece by Marc Chagall.

In his talk, Dr. Simeone shared the profound significance of Chagall’s work. He stated

Chagall painted this scene, drawing inspiration from the Russian artist Andrej Rublev’s Trinity icon. It beautifully captures the episode of the three angelic travelers who were guests at the oaks of Mamre (Genesis 18). The joyful smiles and interactions among the three guests convey a spirit of friendship, with the dominant red color symbolizing passion.

Dr. Simeone continued

It is in this vibrant atmosphere that we proudly announce the birth of new leadership within our companies, much like the unexpected arrival in the painting. We, too, foster creative friendships as we work together, despite the inevitable constraints we face. Through our personal efforts, meetings, and shared moments, our collective joy underpins all our endeavors, as Dante beautifully put it, ‘cara gioia sopra la quale ogni virtù si fonda’ – ‘dear joy on which every virtue is founded’.

The evening created a warm and family atmosphere, where the company’s employees shared not just a great meal, but also cherished moments of friendship. It was a delightful and meaningful occasion that undoubtedly left a lasting impact on all who were attending.

As for our colleagues and friends at siHealth in the UK, the dinner may have ended, but a similar delightful experience embrace them soon.