Flyby Group growth by 50% – New CEOs appointed for i-EM and FlySight subsidiaries

Jul 26, 2023

After a 2022 marked by a rise of 51% for the group, with a total turnover of more than 4 million euros, the Flyby Group further increases its growth prospects for 2023, with new strategic contracts in the microgrid sector and infrastructure security services.

Flyby is a group of hi-tech companies creating cognitive software solutions, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics for the following three areas: energy, defence & security, and health, through the three subsidiaries i-EM, FlySight and siHealth.

The new Board of Directors appointed two of its managers as new CEOs: Ciro Lanzetta for i-EM, dedicated to renewable energy and smart grids, and Andrea Masini for FlySight, dedicated to the defence & security sector and critical infrastructure monitoring.

Ciro Lanzetta and Andrea Masini have been working for several years in the Group, contributing as managers and crucial contributors to the development and growth of their respective companies. They succeed Emilio Simeone, founder of Flyby, that will focus on the strategic development of the Group as Chairman.

The Flyby Group is progressively developing by focusing on the energy management and critical infrastructures management sectors, where we have acquired new important customers – says Emilio Simeone. The consolidation of the management team with two experienced figures, such as Ciro Lanzetta and Andrea Masini, will contribute to the implementation of this process and to further developing the Group.”

The rising of the global demand of efficient cognitive digital solutions that integrate easily into complex contexts, such as distributed energy systems, is one of the factors that have contributed and are still contributing to the Flyby Group’s growth.

i-EM has recently developed new solutions for the sizing and management of microgrids for the rural environment in India as well as for the commercial and industrial (C&I) environments, with applications in about twenty countries worldwide.

FlySight is providing innovative image processing solutions based on satellite, aerial or drone remote sensing for monitoring critical infrastructures, such as the high-voltage one, that is a market with an important growth trend of about 10 % per year until 2028 (CAGR 10.1% – source Mordon Intelligence).

The new CEO of i-EM, Ciro Lanzetta, 53, Electronic Engineer, started his journey in the Flyby Group at the beginning, around 20 years ago, where he held the position of CTO, giving a significant contribution in laying the basis for i-EM in 2013. Ciro Lanzetta has focused his attention on developing innovative solutions for the energy management, demonstrating a strategic vision and an unparalleled commitment to create and lead a team of highly specialised engineers and data scientists in the energy sector. Thanks to this work, i-EM has achieved important milestones in the field of renewable energy management at a global level and it has now expanded to the smart grid management sector.

Ciro Lanzetta | LinkedIn

The new CEO of FlySight, Andrea Masini, 44, Telecommunication Engineering degree and Remote Sensing PhD, joined the Group 18 years ago when Flyby was still a micro-enterprise with only five employees. Andrea has played a crucial role in the growth of FlySight, nurturing innovative ideas through joint projects with prestigious European research bodies and setting up a multidisciplinary technical team around him, with highly qualified and highly motivated engineers and data scientists for image processing.

In the last years he has played a key role in the business development and in the internationalisation of the company.

Andrea Masini | LinkedIn

Da sinistra: Ciro Lanzetta (CEO di i-EM), Emilio Simeone (CEO di Flyby Group, e Presidente di FlySight Srl e di i-EM Srl), Andrea Masini (CEO di FlySight).